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Building a FOD Aware Community

Our goal is to build a community of members that will share their stories relating to foreign object debris (damage). Perhaps you or someone you know has been in an incident that had something to do with FOD. Or maybe your company has ways of dealing with foreign object debris, and you would like to share those methods with the rest of the FOD community. Or perhaps you have your own ideas of how to help prevent foreign object damage in the aerospace and aeronautics industry or any other industry for that matter.

Whatever your concerns are a about FOD we would like to hear from you. The FOD forms will help strengthening the awareness and understanding of how FOD impacts people’s lives, as well as how FOD impacts companies and corporations and how they deal with foreign object debris in the field.

Become part of the FOD community and together we can build a knowledge base and create change. We can bring foreign object damage to the forefront of business and news. Together we can save lives and money.


FOD is “damage” attributed due to a foreign object (i.e. any object that is not part of the vehicle, machinery or mechanical system) that can be expressed in a physical or economic term and can possibly degrade the products required safety or performance characteristics. In this case one would refer to this as “Foreign Object Damage”.

FOD can also be know as “Foreign Object Debris”. An example of foreign object debris maybe a screw or bolt that has been left behind from a previous build, and has somehow fallen into the new build causing physical damage. This is often why FOD can have two terms but the relevance is the same.

When FOD debris causes FOD damage it’s never a good thing. Especially when this damage happens to an air plane in flight! Needless to say foreign object damage can cause death, and if the plane manages to land safely with no loss of life, their is surely still a major cost of repair and or replacement. Not to mention hours of lost revenue in down time.

Foreign object debris is also a major concern in many industries since some foreign object debris can be hard to detect before it becomes an issue. Many companies are putting new programs in place to help educated employees and staff on the importance of being FOD AWARE!

FOD awareness forums are a great place to talk about your experiences with any FOD related issues. You can tell your story or post FOD stories you have read about. The more people that promote the awareness of this subject the better we can start to solve the issue. FOD is a major safety concern that effects every one and each voice can help make a difference!

Become part of an international community and help spread the awareness of Foreign Object Damage and Foreign Object Debris across the globe. Create a membership… Join a group… Post your story… We want to hear from you.

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